Dancers display the vivid colours of their Gypsy costumes. This closeup shows the detailed embroidery of costumes from the Volyn region.
 ▪ Artistic Director  

The Romanetz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble is professionally directed by Tom Mokry.  Mr. Mokry has been involved in Ukrainian dance for over 30 years and he brings this wealth of experience to his choreography and instruction with Romanetz.

His innovative style and vision bring a unique personality to the Romanetz dance ensemble. By continuing to explore and re-invent the Ukrainian dance tradition, his leadership has allowed Romanetz to develop a unique personality amongst Ukrainian dance groups.

Tom Mokry - Romanetz Choreographer and Artistic Director

Mr. Mokry has had the privilege of studying with the most respected folk choreographers from Canada and Ukraine. His work as a dancer, choreographer and artistic director has taken him to concert halls around the world.