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Dance and music are among the most recognizable and celebrated aspects of Ukrainian culture. You will quickly appreciate why this is so when you see Romanetz perform. Some dances emphasize grace, beauty and precision; others are energetic feats of sheer athleticism. The Romanetz repertoire also features inventive character dances based on the folk tales and history of Ukraine.

Ukraine has many cultural regions with their own music, forms of dress, and dance steps. This variety makes a performance by Romanetz a cultural journey through the many people that call Ukraine home.

In addition to classic favourites such as Pryvit and Hopak, Romanetz dancers can take you to the Carpathian mountains with the unique dance steps of the Hutsul people, to the Volyn region with its richly coloured costumes, and to the pageantry of a Bukovynian wedding. Romanetz is also unique amongst Ukrainian dance groups in showcasing the Gypsy style of dance which originated among the Roma people of Ukraine.

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